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Gears 5 gets off to a rocky start

Marcus Fixit.

Gears 5 is enduring a rocky launch, with disconnects plaguing its first few days online.

The PC and Xbox One third-person shooter launched on Thursday night for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers (our Gears 5 campaign impresisons are here).

Since then, Gears 5 has suffered a raft of issues, with players reporting being dropped from online matches. I've experienced this myself over the last two days. It's particularly frustrating to be booted from a horde match, which sees a group of five players take on increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

When you're dropped from an online match in Gears 5 you're presented with a loading screen, and it's already become a meme within the Gears of War community.

This is the new Blue Screen of Death! from r/GearsOfWar

There are also reports of issues with the Gears 5 campaign, with some encountering disconnects that prevent progress and co-op failing to work.

Developer The Coalition has issued a number of updates, but players are reporting issues continue. According to the Gears 5 status page, The Coalition is continuing to work on server-side updates to improve online stability.

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"We truly appreciate your patience as we seek to resolve these issues as quickly as possible," reads the Gears 5 status page. Gears 5's street date is Tuesday, 10th September. Hopefully these early day online issues will be sorted out by then.