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Skate 3 to be enhanced for Xbox One X

Alongside Mirror's Edge and Gears of War 3.

Three more Xbox 360 classics will be enhanced for Xbox One X including Skate 3, Mirror's Edge, and Gears of War 3, Microsoft has announced.

The best thing about Mirror's Edge isn't the parkour, the sense of movement and momentum, or even the sharp, bleached-out world that you're moving through beneath a vast sky of Sega blue. It's the doors: the red doors, each one opened not with a polite survival-horror twist of a creaky handle, but with a squeeze of the right trigger and an almighty slam. Doors you aim for at full pelt, doors you pound through, punch through, the clatter of collision accompanying the blinding whiteness that greets you on the other side, before your eyes have time to adjust and before the game pulls you onwards.

Parkour always looks pretty cool when you watch clips of real-life people with a camera strapped to their forehead make an attempt at it on YouTube. Unfortunately - discounting perhaps one exception - it never seems all that empowering or intuitive when developers try to recreate those moves in-game. Third-person games like Assassin's Creed seem to get it right, so what are first-person parkour titles doing wrong? Our new senior video producer Johnny Chiodini investigates, hopefully while managing to not look down.

EA announces free game giveaway for all PlayStation owners

EA announces free game giveaway for all PlayStation owners

NFS! Mirror's Edge! PVZ! But you'll need to be quick.

EA is giving away three titles from its back catalogue in celebration of this weekend's PlayStation Experience event.

The trio of games are Need for Speed: Most Wanted on PlayStation Vita, Mirror's Edge on PlayStation 3 and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for PlayStation 4.

But you'll need to be quick - the games will only be free to download until the event's end tomorrow.

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Edge developer celebrates as Tim Langdell trademark finally cancelled

Edge developer celebrates as Tim Langdell trademark finally cancelled

"We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll."

A California judge has cancelled Tim Langdell's hold over the Edge trademark, ending a long-running dispute over the name with iOS developer Mobigame, EA and others.

EA filed a Consolidated Petition for Cancellation that covered a number of Langdell-owned trademarks back in 2009. This week, finally, they were granted.

The court documents, dated 17th April, cancel Landell's rights to Edge, Cutting Edge, Gamer's Edge and The Edge, filed by him over a number of years.

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Until five or six years ago, I had never heard of Parkour. My sister, a professional in the field of athletic strength and conditioning, first described it to me as something of a balletic aerobic sport with all the complexity and conditioning of a martial art -one used for clambering up the side of a building in seconds, or clearing two-story jumps without any messy bone breaking.

Mirror's Edge still "important" for EA

Publisher won't confirm sequel cancellation.

EA has refused to confirm recent reports that development of a Mirror's Edge sequel has been stopped, insisting the free-running FPS franchise is still in its thoughts.

Langdell loses his Edge trademarks

Must write to people he pursued to say so.

"Nuisance litigator" Timothy Langdell has been stripped of his 'edge', 'cutting edge' and 'gamer's edge' trademarks after a legal battle with EA.

Langdell war "not over yet" - Mobigame

"I bet more good news will follow."

EA's recent victory against trademark hound Tim Langdell was "extremely good news" for the developer of iPhone puzzle game EDGE, but the war "it is not over yet".

Mirror's Edge for iPad

If you discount the 1348 counts of grievous bodily shovelware to date, the iPad's a pretty decent gaming platform. Where else can you re-purchase shiny "HD" versions of all your favourite iPhone games at between three and six times the price despite usually being exactly the same game? Those pixels aren't going to upscale themselves, you know.

The point we're trying to make is that it'd be really nice if we could just have a few exclusive titles to show off to make us look less idiotic for splurging all the cash we don't have on something we don't yet need. Titles, in fact, like Mirror's Edge, the sole impressive new addition to the gaming scene since Apple's slab debuted in the States.

Altogether a more free-flowing Parkour experience than DICE's original ever was, IronMonkey has created a breathlessly enjoyable experience that strips back the gameplay in a manner reminiscent of the relentless freneticism of cult 2D platformer Canabalt.

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Mobigame confident of Edge victory

Trademarks to "almost certainly be revoked".

Mobigame and Connect2Media believe Edge Games has no "enforceable" registered trademark in the UK or the US and that Tim Langdell's company has "misrepresented" what it does own.

Dead Space, Mirror's will be "successful"

But EA exec says launch timing was off.

EA Games Europe's Patrick Söderlund reckons that Dead Space and Mirror's Edge will be considered "successful" based on their lifetime performance, despite a slow start contributing to a massive loss in the company's third quarter.

Mirror's Edge time trial DLC delayed

PS3-exclusive map still due today.

EA has delayed the release of the Pure Time Trial Map Pack for Mirror's Edge until next month, but the standalone PS3-exclusive download map "Synethesia" will be released as part of the PlayStation Network update later today.

Mirror's Edge DLC dated

EA gives us the runaround. In two weeks.

Electronic Arts has announced that the Mirror's Edge premium downloadable content will be released on 29th January for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge


We can't help loving it. Mirror's Edge may have been short, narrow, brutal, disorientating and bound in cliché, but once you learned to read between the racing lines of its serene adventure playground and embraced its economy of control, it was hard not to skip, dive and rebound across its troubled rooftops with a quantum of glee. And while there will be the usual complaints about SecuROM (five authorisations) around this belated PC port, after half a dozen hours retracing our console steps it's hard not to argue it's the best version.

Mirror's Edge puts you in the trendy first-person trainers of Faith, a messenger for a skyscraping underground delivery network that vouchsafes freedom of communication in a glimmering city that seeks its repression, and she does this by running, jumping and skidding around rooftops, guided by a traditional movement controls and context-sensitive "up" and "down" buttons, which account for jumps, vaults, wall-runs and ledge-grabs, and skids, crouches, rolls and release respectively. With little more than these and a bridging 180-degree spin button, she can navigate virtually any series of obstacles with fluent parkour acrobatics, keeping an eye out for the guiding red visual signature of the next best leap of faith.

And, for the benefit of latecomers, we do mean virtually any series of obstacles. DICE has arranged a network of wooden ramps, chest-high pipes, pronounced air conditioning units, roof-access pods, cranes, trapeze, zip-lines, scaffolds and wooden boards to assist, and within an hour of starting you can be chaining a wall-run to a trapeze to a tucked roll under a vent into a jump from a stepped crate onto a zip-line and a soft landing on tarpaulin.

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Mirror's Edge, Dead Space sequels likely

Mirror's Edge, Dead Space sequels likely

John Riccitiello sings IPs' praises.

EA has let the birds fly on a brand new Dead Space and Mirror's Edge game.

Silver-haired EA boss John Riccitiello has hinted that more Dead Space and Mirror's Edge games are likely to appear.

"We're very pleased with a lot of our new franchises this year. Spore... [looks like an] ongoing franchise, Dead Space looks like a long-term big winner for us... Warhammer will continue to perform very well," said John Riccitiello in a financial call, listened to by Gamasutra.

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Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 16

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 16

Mirror's Edge, Brothers in Arms, Fracture, Guitar Hero, Baja, FIFA, Quantum of Solace.

The latest bloody skirmish begins here. Seven more cross-platform releases are appraised for your feverish attentions across the next few pages, backed - as usual - by the best range of comparison assets on the internet. That'll be full 720p and 1080p HDMI 24-bit RGB screengrabs, and h.264-powered 1:1 precision videos.

Before we begin proper, let's kick off with a bit of good news. 2K has just updated BioShock with a brand new patch for the disappointing PlayStation 3 conversion of the game. The numerous promised bug-fixes have all materialised, but better than that, the vastly annoying blur effect has been substantially reduced. What blur there is now appears to be down to the reduced sub-720p resolution and, alas, this combined with the wildly variable frame-rate remain. More details on the befores and afters at the author's blog.

Getting back to the present, there's an intriguing selection of seven games in the line-up, including one of my personal favourite games of the year: DICE's innovative Mirror's Edge.

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Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

Runner up?

Well then, this is going to divide audiences down the middle. It's an ambitious game, but it manages to match its achievements with irritations at every turn; it's bold and forward-thinking, yet stilted and old-fashioned. Some will be able to overlook the gaping flaws, but others will never appreciate its moments of brilliance, and both positions are justifiable. Ultimately there's no right answer, but there are at least two things that prolonged exposure reveal: there are a handful of the crucial parts of a masterpiece here, and the end result still feels like a work in progress.

To start on a high point, you won't be mistaking Mirror's Edge for any other games until the inevitable clones emerge. Its world - huge blue skies, and massive bleached concrete vistas shot through with perfectly placed flashes of lurid colour - is beautiful, distinctive and inviting. Given the Swedish developer, we're already seeing Ikea jokes, but it's more of a city designed by Habitat: classy, solid, and perhaps gently self-involved. It's probably only a dystopia because the bed linen costs a fortune.

And the location is a powerful enough presence to make up for the story. Mirror's Edge tells of a gleaming CCTV hell where the only freedom lies with the Runners - sportswear renegades who dash about on rooftops screwing around with their clients' parcels, like Fed Ex run by Jason Bourne - and it's an intriguing idea, but the game is too breathless to explore it properly. Before you know it, someone's been framed for murder, someone else is upset about it, and you have damp shreds of a limp conspiracy to stitch together. The characters are forgettable, the plot points are so mindless you rarely notice what you're being sent off to do, and the voice acting is patchy. Faith, the strikingly designed lead, sounds like she's seconds away from offering you a timeshare with her anodyne Californian accent, and at least one other cast-member has been parachuted in from Top Cat.

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FeatureEurogamer Expo: Top 10 Games

As voted for by you.

First things first, apologies if you were disappointed, having read our Eurogamer Expo preview on Monday, to discover that the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift vehicle outside the Expo entrance was a monster truck instead of a Humvee. We are also sorry that so many of you missed the chance to touch Bertie's moustache, which endures even now atop the sweater-clad granite torso and arms of news-typing sultriness.

Mirror's Edge demo today on PSN

And tomorrow on Xbox Live.

EA and DICE have announced that the Mirror's Edge demo trailed last month will be released today, 30th October, on PlayStation Network and tomorrow, 31st October, on Xbox Live.

EA to take over Trafalgar Square again

Play games, look at Gemma Atkinson.

EA will be hosting an enormous public event inside the largest temporary structure ever erected in London's Trafalgar Square on 31st October and 1st November.

Mirror's Edge

Test of Faith.

As you'll know if you've read, well, pretty much anything at all about it, Mirror's Edge is an action-adventure game with a difference. Like so many other titles in the genre, it involves working out how to get from point A to point B and pulling off the right combination of moves to get there. But unlike most of them, it presents the action from a first-person perspective. For this reason it's most often referred to as an action-adventure with an FPS twist. But in fact, it's got more in common with racing games.

Mirror's Edge gets release date

Mirror's Edge gets release date

Plus: demo due before launch.

EA has announced a release date for the console versions of Mirror's Edge.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will launch on 14th November, and pre-orders will begin next Friday 26th September.

EA is also planning a demo before release, which will feature the game's prologue, including the tutorial and a taster of the single-player story mode.

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PS3 to get exclusive Mirror's Edge DLC

PS3 to get exclusive Mirror's Edge DLC

EA and Sony have a special agreement.

Sony has dismissed reports Mirror's Edge will be a timed PS3 exclusive - but said there will be downloadable content available only via PlayStation Network.

Confusion arose last month after German site Heise Online quoted David Reeves as saying the new EA title will arrive on PS3 first.

EA has since denied the claim and now a Sony spokesperson has done the same, telling Eurogamer, "There was a misunderstanding in terms of the quote that Mirror's Edge is to be a timed exclusive on PS3."

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Mirror's Edge

Faith facts.

Where does DICE get its inspiration? Looking at the Battlefield series, you might guess the answer is dark and gritty war films, the latest developments in military technology, documentary footage of actual battles and the like. But the answer, of course, is ballet.

FeatureMirror's Edge

Doing a runner.

Mirror's Edge isn't your typical videogame dystopia, and that's exactly the point. There's no rust, no rubble, and no legions of storm troopers running through shattered streets. Instead there's gleaming cleanliness, a spotless high-rise environment of shining steel and glass without a leaf out of place. This is an altogether different vision of hell - a sanitised and well-kept prison where the population have traded their personal freedom for crime-free streets, limitless supplies of sexy gymwear and a shoot-to-kill anti-littering policy. It's a world, you suspect, where somebody has made the trains run on time: a dystopia, then, but a subtle, believable one. That sly kind of thinking is the first sign that Mirror's Edge might be something special.

FeatureMirror's Edge

Don't shoot.

Forget blue-skies-in-games, how about press-events-not-in-dungeons? The one we're in - some sort of trendy nightspot off Union Square in San Francisco - has comfy seats and plenty of Corona, but it's still a bit out of place, and particularly as it's host to Digital Illusions' new first-person action game, Mirror's Edge, whose gameplay is sprinkled delicately across a gleaming range of mountainous rooftops and endless glass under an azure sky.

DICE hopes that Mirror's Edge will do "what Prince of Persia has done, but in first-person", according to producer Owen O'Brien, as more details of the next-generation action-adventure spill onto the Internet.

DICE details Mirror's Edge

DICE details Mirror's Edge

Set to change first-person rules.

Electronic Arts' studio Digital Illusions has revealed to GamesIndustry.biz details of how its new property hopes to revolutionise the way players experience games in the first-person perspective.

New title Mirror's Edge is part of the studio's concerted effort to expand its output beyond its leading Battlefield franchise.

"At this time, we are not revealing anything more than the fact that we are changing the way that players are able to move in first person," said a representative for DICE.

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