Bastion News

Xbox 360 indie star Bastion headed to Xbox One next month

Existing owners can nab it free until January.

Bastion out on PS4 in Europe this spring

UPDATE: And by "spring," they mean tomorrow.

Bastion just 69p on iOS this week in Warner Bros. sale

Scribblenauts Remix, Batman Arkham City also cheap.

Bastion creator announces new game Transistor

Supergiant reveals sci-fi adventure for 2014.

Bastion coming to iPad tonight

Dev doesn't feel its right for iPhone though.

Humble Indie Bundle 5 breaks records

Latest pack raises $5.1 million from 600,000 downloads.

Limbo, Bastion, Amnesia headline stellar Humble Bundle

Psychonauts and Superbrothers also included.

Bastion dev: DLC can compromise atmosphere and immersion

In-game transactions threaten the fourth wall.

Bastion's axed gardening feature revealed

Supergiant boss details a year of scrapped work.

No Bastion 2 planned, despite strong sales

Any return to Caelondia won't be "financially motivated".

Bastion sells over half-a-million copies

"Well, it's been a good year."

Bastion DLC expansion announced

Stranger's Dream free on PC, 80 Points on XBLA.

New Google Chrome tech makes Bastion playable in browser

Native Client allows console-quality games.

Metacritic culls review-bombing users

Bastion, Toy Soldiers scores attacked.

Toy Soldiers: CW best-selling XBLA game

In 2011 Summer of Arcade promotion.

Bastion PC release date announced

XBLA hit on Steam later this month.

Bastion soundtrack available now

Downloadable today, on CD soon.

XBLA chart: From Dust debuts at #1

Bastion holds up nicely at two.

Bastion tops Xbox Live Arcade chart

While COD dominates XBL activity list.

Bastion PC coming, but no PSN plans

Supergiant Games hails Xbox Live Arcade.

Out This Week - 22/07/11

Juarez! Insect Armageddon! PS3 Double Packs!

XBL Summer of Arcade release schedule

Buy the lot, get Crimson Alliance free.

Fruit Ninja Kinect coming this summer

Plus: From Dust, new Toy Soldiers and more.

Bastion confirmed for XBLA

Warner Bros picks up gorgeous indie RPG.

Pretty action RPG Bastion revealed

Hand-drawn homage to Diablo, Zelda.