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Metacritic culls review-bombing users

Bastion, Toy Soldiers scores attacked.

Metacritic has deleted scores of accounts used to bomb review scores of Summer of Arcade titles Bastion and Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

The XBLA games were subjected to coordinated attacks from multiple users who rated the games with zero scores, reports Giant Bomb.

The reviews aggregator acted after developers Supergiant Games and Signal Studios spoke out about the score-bombing, which saw average user ratings for both games pushed down several points.

"I looked at the Metacritic and contacted them and told them, 'This has been spammed'," Signal Studios president and creative director Douglas Robert Albright III said.

"We're not a bunch of dudes with a bunch of money laying around or whatever. It affects us, right? You can search by user scores and stuff like that."

Bastion creative director Greg Kasavin was similarly peeved: "It's the first time we've ever complained about something via our Facebook and Twitter so I didn't do it lightly."

The delightful Bastion.

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