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Toy Soldiers: CW best-selling XBLA game

In 2011 Summer of Arcade promotion.

7/10-scoring Toy Soldiers: Cold War sold more copies than any other game in this year's Summer of Arcade promotion.

This year's selection included highly-regarded role-player Bastion and mesmerising 9/10 god game From Dust.

But Cold War managed to steal victory - it had sold 160,734 copies by 28th August, Gamasutra noted, while Fruit Ninja Kinect's citrus-slicing action claimed second place with 148,507 copies - despite the duo being the final two titles to launch.

Beautiful RPG Bastion lies just behind with 146,401 downloads after six weeks on sale.

Sales figures for From Dust are unclear - usage figures indicate 59,000 users have played the games' challenge mode, although overall sales are likely to be much higher.

Decidedly flagging behind the rest of the pack, Metroid-Castlevania hybrid Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has just 48,389 downloads.

By comparison, last year's breakout Summer of Arcade success Limbo has sold 817,749 copies.

Fruit Ninja Kinect.