Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fruit Ninja is being made into a live-action film

Here's hoping it's not a lemon.

If you thought the Tetris movie (I'm sorry, Tetris trilogy) was a stretch, well here's another one for you. Fruit Ninja, the mobile hit about slicing fruit by swiping on a touch screen, is likewise getting the silver screen treatment.

Jetpack Joyride downloaded 14 million times

Plus, Halfbrick announces 500k Fruit Ninja Kinect sales.

Painfully addictive smartphone timewaster Jetpack Joyride has been downloaded a whopping 14 million times, developer Halfbrick has revealed.

Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Fruit! Cheese! Assembly! Gallery! Dust!

So, for the first time since I was introduced to Kinect, I've encountered a game that didn't make me want to run screaming from the living room within 15 minutes.

That game, surprisingly, is Fruit Ninja Kinect, a potentially ill-advised port of a huge-selling mobile game that I didn't exactly shower with praise 16 months ago. It's especially surprising because, in reality, it's not doing much more than one of the throwaway EyeToy mini-games from about nine years ago.

And yet, there I was on Monday night, flailing around my lounge with absolutely no dignity, with a ton of other, presumably more pressing things to do. Halfbrick, I salute you with my increasingly toned arms.

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Out This Week - 12/08/11

Fruit Ninja Kinect! Resistance 3 beta! 3DS cheap!

This week sees two noteworthy iOS titles getting big-screen ports. Culinary slice 'em up Fruit Ninja becomes Fruit Ninja Kinect, while Mobigame's Edge teeters onto PC and Mac.

The Gunstringer release date announced

The Gunstringer release date announced

Fruit Ninja Kinect bundled in for free.

Colourful Kinect marionette shooter The Gunstringer arrives in UK stores on 16th September, developer Twisted Pixel has announced.

If the budget 29.99 price tag isn't enough to encourage you to take the plunge, publisher Microsoft Game Studios has decided to bundle in a voucher for Xbox Live Arcade offering Fruit Ninja Kinect to further sweeten the deal.

And that's not all. You'll also snag access to a free Gunstringer DLC pack called The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles.

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