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Bastion PC coming, but no PSN plans

Supergiant Games hails Xbox Live Arcade.

Bastion, this year's Xbox Live Summer of Arcade curtain-raiser, will see a PC release before 2011 is out, but PlayStation Network patrons may not be so lucky, developer Supergiant Games has revealed.

Creative director Greg Kasavin told Eurogamer that attention will shift onto the PC version of its quirky action RPG now that work has wrapped up on the Xbox Live Arcade release.

"We are taking our time to make sure the default control scheme on PC feels really good," he explained.

"It will still support game pad controls but we want to make sure folks playing with a mouse and keyboard have a very good experience."

Alas, a PlayStation Network version isn't currently part of Supergiant's plans, though Kasavin didn't entirely rule out a release at some point in the future.

"We have no plans slated for a PSN release," he confirmed.

"Being a small team we have decided to focus on developing the game serially, so we focus on one version at a time. So our focus at the moment is on the Xbox launch, then we have the PC launch. We'll see what happens after that but there are no confirmed PSN plans at this point."

Supergiant didn't reveal exactly why it had plumped for XBLA in the first place, though co-founder Amir Rao hailed Microsoft's service for inspiring him and co-founder Gavin Simon to ditch their jobs at EA - where they worked on the Command & Conquer series - and start up on their own.

"Being in Summer of Arcade is really big for us," he explained.

"A lot of the games in 2009 when we started Supergiant kind of inspired us to quit our jobs. Games like Castle Crashers, Braid and Splosion Man.

"We played those games, we knew they were made by small dedicated teams doing something they loved and those kinds of stories inspired us. They helped catalyze our own departure from EA Los Angeles and start Supergiant Games.

"Summer of Arcade has done a really great job of championing smaller independent titles that people hadn't really heard of," he continued.

"That really helps. It raises the profile not just of the individual games but of the entire independent development community and creates more opportunities for other people to get in and do interesting stuff. I think we're a direct example of that."

For more on Supergiant's delightful debut, which goes on sale tomorrow priced at 1200 Points, have a read of Eurogamer's Bastion review.

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