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Gamers' Voice reports Activision to OFT

Black Ops "in breach of Sale of Goods Act".

Consumer rights group Gamers' Voice has made good on its promise to report Activision UK to the Office of Fair Trading over the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Treyarch's shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops.

In an open letter to the OFT, it claims Activision UK is in breach of the Sale of Goods Act 1979, which states that when a consumer buys goods they must be: as described; of a satisfactory quality; and fit for any purpose made known at the time of sale to the seller.

Gamers' Voice claims it has received reports of a "never-ending list of problems" with the PC and PS3 versions of the fastest-selling game of all time.

In December last year developer Treyarch admitted there were problems with the PS3 version and pledged to do something about it.

However, Gamers' Voice said this morning that the game's problems "render it almost useless as the piece of entertainment the game purports to be", with multiplayer a particular concern.

"With it not functioning as intended, we can only conclude that as a product it is faulty and should not have been released in this state.

"To make a comparison to a more familiar product, it is akin to buying a fridge-freezer only to find that the freezer component doesn't work."

Eurogamer has asked Activision for comment.