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Game Announcements - 17th to 23rd Jan

Larry, Battlefield and a .45.

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Contrary to popular belief, Worms and Lemmings are not the only games Team 17 makes. Now it does Leisure Suit Larry, starring the Ron Jeremy-like adventure hero who swans around in a Carry On world of porn gags and cheap tarts. Or is it the other way on. The new outing is called Box Office Bust and is coming to 360, PS3 and PC this autumn.

Bust will be a bit different though, as Team 17 plans to erect sorry sorry an open world for you to explore and do smutty things in. Carmen Electra and that one from American Pie are in it, too.

While love may be on the back-burner there, Total Overdose developer Deadline Games is using it as a focal point in its new PC, PS3 and 360 shooter. You see, Faith and a .45 is all about two outlaw lovers and their story, so it has lots of co-operative elements as well as a healthy dose of storytelling. Oh, and some armoured vehicles and lots of explosions.

There's no word on a date or publisher, but the game is being shown off in February at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

The other biggie this week came from EA, which revealed its "Play 4 Free" masterplan championed by Battlefield Heroes. This new DICE-created instalment is free to download and supported by advertising and micro transactions, while focusing on a casual audience you see dithering around on the Internet. It also has a rather familiar cartoon art style, which appears to have taken more than a large dose of inspiration from Team Fortress 2. The next big thing? EA hopes so.

Elsewhere EVE Online has joined the ranks of Steam with added free game time, and Lineage II expansion The Kamael will now be available in shops with added free game time.

Or you could party like it's 1999 and lug your computer up to Newbury Racecourse for a gigantic i33 LAN party with 1500 others. You can win lots of money and eat pizza and stay up late and not wash your teeth. For 80 quid.

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