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EVE heads to Steam

Longer trial to coax you into space.

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EVE Online will be the first MMOG available from Steam.

The space game will come bundled with a free 21-day trial and a whole USD 5 off of your first monthly subscription.

But EVE Online was free to download already, you say. Yes, but you only got a two week trial and no money off your subsequent subscription. Besides, Steam is a good way to get the word out.

EVE Online was recently given visual overhaul to make use of fancy new graphics cards and sparkly DirectX 10 effects, something not around when it originally launched in 2003.

Currently the online space world boasts 13 million accounts around the world, all playing on one gigantic server - not split into bite-sized chunks like World of Warcraft.

Its continued success was celebrated recently as developer CCP hit its 10 year milestone. Pat was there and wrote some rousing words about it. See for yourself.

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