Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

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Leisure Suit Larry HD remakes announced

Leisure Suit Larry, the video game franchise that made its name off the back of virtual sexual innuendo, is being remade for the modern era in high definition.

Replay Games and series creator Al Lowe plan to revive the 10 million-selling franchise for all game platforms.

All of the Leisure Suit Larry games will be "re-imagined and redesigned". A new set of games will be made if these games are successful.

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Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

"Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while playing this game." That message appears on first loading screen you see in Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. You might as well enjoy the joke, as it's funnier than anything else in the game. It's also the only joke that does not revolve around penises, vaginas or the fact that sometimes people like to put one inside the other.

It's only a joke at all because the funny thing is before long you will want to get into your car and drive as far away as you can from this game. Then you will want to use heavy machinery to crush everyone involved in its creation, from the person responsible for drawing Larry's hateful face to the person who put the staples in the manuals.

The storyline, on the off chance you give the tiniest toss, is some gibberish about movie studios spying on each other. It all takes place in the town of Tinselwood - Ha! Ha! - and there lots of unfunny film references: posters for Driving Miss Maisey's Hearse, mini-games called Bitanic and Beefcake Mountain and so on. There's also plenty of sexual innuendo. In some cases they didn't even bother with the innuendo bit; there's a movie studio called Anus Productions.

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Game Announcements - 17th to 23rd Jan

Game Announcements - 17th to 23rd Jan

Larry, Battlefield and a .45.

Contrary to popular belief, Worms and Lemmings are not the only games Team 17 makes. Now it does Leisure Suit Larry, starring the Ron Jeremy-like adventure hero who swans around in a Carry On world of porn gags and cheap tarts. Or is it the other way on. The new outing is called Box Office Bust and is coming to 360, PS3 and PC this autumn.

Bust will be a bit different though, as Team 17 plans to erect sorry sorry an open world for you to explore and do smutty things in. Carmen Electra and that one from American Pie are in it, too.

While love may be on the back-burner there, Total Overdose developer Deadline Games is using it as a focal point in its new PC, PS3 and 360 shooter. You see, Faith and a .45 is all about two outlaw lovers and their story, so it has lots of co-operative elements as well as a healthy dose of storytelling. Oh, and some armoured vehicles and lots of explosions.

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