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Future Legend of Grimrock plans laid bare

Almost Human talks level editor, mystery project.

A raft of new content is in the works for retrofabulous indie dungeon crawler Legends of Grimrock, developer Almost Human has revealed.

As detailed in a blog post on the studio's official site, a level editor is first up. It's still a way off completion but it seems things are coming along nicely, with the add-on approaching alpha stage.

"With the editor our goal was to make it easy to use but at the same time offer advanced features such as scripting for puzzles," wrote studio co founder Petri Häkkinen.

"The dungeon designer can now connect actuators such as buttons, pressure plates and levers to doors, pits and other types of entities without writing a single line of Lua script," he added.

"Of course this form of scripting has limitations because the designer is ultimately limited to the building blocks provided by the editor. That's why we still have Lua scripting support that can be used to implement more advanced puzzles."

Beyond that, the studio is also working on a mystery Grimrock-related project. After fielding a number of offers from external parties to work on other titles, the studio has decided to focus on its own creation instead.

"We realised that building our own games is the reason why we are here and the success of Grimrock tells us that it is a good reason. So we're committed to keep working on Grimrock and see where that road leads us," Häkkinen explained.

"The exact form, whether it be an expansion, a full blown sequel or even something completely different, is still undecided. Frankly, we were a bit exhausted with the whole concept of grid-based games after working so intensely for a year but as some time has passed we now think that we have more to give to this genre."

He later added that pre-production on this new endeavour is underway, before offering a hint as to what to expect.

"As explained above it's still undecided what this project is going to be, but some parameters are certain: we need more monsters and new environments, so that's what the guys have been up to. We already have a new themed wallset and two fearsome monsters in the pipeline.

"Personally I can't wait to get my hands dirty coding special features for the new assets and fighting those new beasts! It's going to be awesome!"

Almost Human's fiendish creation secured a sturdy 8/10 when it landed on PC earlier this year - see our Legend of Grimrock review for more.