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First Legend of Grimrock patch out this week

Impressive sales mean the future of Almost Human "seems pretty secure".

Finnish developer Almost Human is hard at work on the first patch for old school dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock.

The indie has started work on version 1.1.4 of the game, which launched last week. The current list of improvements is published below:

  • vsync is enabled by default.
  • borderless windows are no longer topmost.
  • pressing ESC closes character sheet.
  • fixed unlimited frost arrow exploit.
  • bug fix: topmost menu item don't work reliably in 2560×1440 resolution.
  • bug fix: wall text translations are not dismissed when right-clicking.
  • bug fix: inanimate objects can be backstabbed.
  • bug fix: projectiles go through doors in some very rare cases.
  • improved display resolution auto-detection at first launch.
  • fixed a couple of typos.
  • removed check that disables high texture resolution setting when running low on video memory (some graphics drivers seem to report available video memory incorrectly).

In a launch week blog post, Almost Human said the patch should go live this week.

Meanwhile, the studio said it couldn't be happier with sales of the game, which was, for a while, the number one title on Valve's digital platform Steam. The costs of the game have now been covered "many times over", it added, "so the future of the company seems pretty secure".

"So, everyone who has bought our game and supported us, you have our gratitude!"

Almost Human ended its blog update with a piece of advice for those struggling to crack open Legend of Grimrock's secrets: "When you're stuck, a good approach often is just to take a break from the game: go cook some lunch, walk your dog or read a magazine and when you get back to the game, the puzzle might actually turn out to be pretty obvious!"

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