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It's the first Legend of Grimrock 2 screenshot

It's outside.

Developer Almost Human has released the first screenshot of Legend of Grimrock 2.

The big news is stuff is happening outside. Grimrock 1 was set in a mountain.

It's also taken from a slight diagonal angle, which is weird because one of Grimrock's big things was that you turned in right angles. This could just be a camera catching that perspective while swivelling between quadrants, of course, and a regular tiled grid seems to be evident on the floor, but by god I'm going to read too much into this whether you want me to or not.

It's also very pretty. Grimrock 1 wasn't ugly, but it was a functional beast.

A blog post from a few days ago sheds a little more light on what Legend of Grimrock 2 won't be - it won't be a roguelike or a geographically expansive adventure. Both ideas were explored but ultimately chucked away because they didn't fit what Grimrock was about.

Legend of Grimrock 2 was originally DLC for Grimrock 1, until Almost Human decided to flesh it out into a new game. Unfortunately there's no release date yet.

Legend of Grimrock 1 arrived in spring 2012 like a breath of fresh RPG air. "Middle-aged role-players should need no encouragement to plunge into Grimrock's depths," wrote our Dan Whitehead, "but for new players discovering the genre through sprawling epics like Skyrim, its robust reliance on the strength of squares will make it a refreshing experience."