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Legend of Grimrock 2 gets an October release date

A great gaol.

Legend of Grimrock 2 - the sequel to one of 2012's finest role-playing games, and an indie game to boot - will be released for PC on 15th October.

You can pre-order the game now and by doing so save a bit of money - Grimrock 2 $20.39 instead of $23.99.

The sequel takes Grimrock outside, into forests and by swamps, as well as into dark dungeons. It will be more ambitious in nearly every way: better looking, more diverse - more more more.

If Grimrock 1 tested the waters for a 3D grid-based dungeon crawler, a la Ultima Underworld, then Grimrock 2 should cannonball them.

Wrote Dan Whitehead in his 2012 Grimrock review: "Legend of Grimrock walks a very fine tightrope with outrageous confidence. With its ruthless adherence to 1990s design it shamelessly panders to nostalgia, but it never feels like it relies on that inherited fondness to get by. That's a trap too many retro-inspired indies fall into: letting the past do all the work to mask holes in the design.

"Grimrock doesn't do that. It reminds us that the old ways still have value, but its thoughtful construction and nuanced balance ensure that it can still stand on its own two feet in 2012 and justify its existence on its own terms."

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