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Full Leftfield Collection line-up for EGX Rezzed

Turn-based shmups, multi-screen tactical action and loads more interesting ideas.

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Organisers of this year's EGX Rezzed event (full disclosure: that's us) have announced the line-up for the Leftfield Collection, the indie showcase at the heart of the show, where PC and mobile titles are given room to breathe among all the bigger attractions.

EGX Rezzed runs from 28th-30th March at the NEC in Birmingham, and this year Leftfield curator David Hayward had more submissions than ever. After careful evaluation, he's chosen a line-up of 16 PC titles and a few interesting mobile games, all of which are united by their imaginative ideas, eye-catching presentation and indie spirit.

The full line-up is below, but here are a few interesting examples:

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FRACT is billed as a "musical exploration game". In the words of the developers, "Players arrive in a forgotten place and explore the vast and unfamiliar landscape to discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound."

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Mighty Tactical Shooter, meanwhile, is a classic retro shmup with a big twist: it's turn-based. Transport yourself back to the 80s and wonder why nobody thought to bolt on a modern tactical planning interface to help you navigate bullet hell.

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"Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works." If that doesn't excite you, then you were never a child, meaning you were born fully grown and you should probably donate yourself to science for the benefit of the rest of humanity.

Having gone through a lot of the list with David Hayward last week, I'd also recommend that you check out Salvaged, by Opposable Games, a cool multi-screen take on the tactical action genre, and Private Eye, which looks like a cross between Rear Window and The Big Sleep.

Here's a full line-up of games in this year's Leftfield Collection:

  • 0RBITALIS, by Alan Zucconi
  • Biome, by Knick Knack
  • Dungeon of the Endless, by Amplitude Studios
  • forma.8, by MixedBag
  • FRACT OSC, by Phosfiend Systems
  • Mighty Tactical Shooter, by Sock Thuggery
  • Narcissus, by AlexVsCoding
  • One Upon Light, by SUTD Game Lab
  • Private Eye, by Slacker Games
  • Salvaged, by Opposable Games
  • Space Engineers, by Keen Software House
  • Super Piñata Pro, by Edd Parris
  • TerraTech, by West London Games
  • The ARC, by Pixel Balloon
  • Three Body Problem, by Robin Burkinshaw
  • TRI, by Rat King

Mobile and table titles include:

  • Skies of Saturn, by FourceLabs
  • Motorsport Manager, by Christian West
  • Perloo, by Perceptor

EGX Rezzed runs for three days from 28th March and will also play host to the first playable showing of Alien: Isolation and a full schedule of developer sessions, headlined by DayZ's Dean Hall. Tickets are on sale at, where you can also find out more details about the show.

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