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FTL: Faster Than Light is getting Steam achievements later this week

Seven years after its initial release.

Seven years after its original release, FTL: Faster Than Light is getting Steam achievements - and, all being well, they should arrive later this week.

When developer Subset Games launched FTL - its critically acclaimed real-time strategy rogue-like in space - back in 2012, a total of 51 achievements were already baked into the experience. They weren't, however, part of Steam's achievement ecosystem.

Come FTL's imminent update, though, proper Steam achievement support will be implemented, meaning dedicated players can finally share their FTL prowess with peers.

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All 51 achievements are currently viewable on Steam (a bit of cross-checking confirms these are the same challenges already in-game), but won't be active until patch day.

So if you've been pining for Steam achievements all this time, your wishes have finally been granted. And even if you haven't, consider it another excuse to go back to FTL and happily watch several hundred more hours get sucked into the vacuum of space.

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