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Frozen Endzone enters open beta this month

Buy in and receive two copies of the final build.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Frozen Synapse developer Mode 7 has announced an open beta for its upcoming PC, Mac and Linux strategy title Frozen Endzone.

The public testing phase is due to launch later this month and will include a number of multiplayer modes and randomly-generated player challenges.

Anyone who buys a copy of the beta will receive Frozen Endzone's full version upon its release in 2014, along with a second key to give away to a friend.

Frozen Endzone is a curious mix of strategy and sci-fi American football, where players must design a play to get into their opponent's endzone across numerous stadia.

"It's sport filtered not only through a video game, but through a particularly smart one," Martin wrote in Eurogamer's Frozen Endzone preview.

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