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Frozen Cortex update adds management sim features

Serious head disconnection.

Mode 7 has released a free update for turn-based sci-fi American Football game Frozen Cortex that adds a management simulation.

Frozen Cortex Manager makes every player in the game a "proper entity", with statistics and injuries. You can bid on free agents and manage the salary cap, as well as set formations and simulate matches. When you simulate matches you watch the AI in a top-down view. Injuries are "mechanical failures", such as "serious head disconnection". Also included is a 90-team college league with an end-of-season tournament.

Meanwhile, the update fixes a raft of bugs and tweaks the game. For example, you can watch everything from the planning view and skip the 3D outcomes. There's also an easy mode, designed for brand new players. This lets you see the AI's plans in advance.

Chris Donlan reviewed Frozen Cortex when it left Early Access and enjoyed it very much indeed. "In short: what a treat," he wrote. "A strategy game that's as much about bluffing and feints as is it is about vectors and placement and crowd control, a sports game in which every moment matters, and the annoyances are largely cosmetic - Delphic menus, a cinematic camera that can frame the action poorly in replays."

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