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Free 3DS Wi-Fi via thousands of O2 hotspots in the UK

Pizza Hut! Costa! McDonalds! The O2!

Nintendo has announced that UK 3DS owners will now be able to connect their handhelds to the internet for free at any O2 Wi-Fi hotspot.

Brewster's, now sponsored by Costa.

It means you'll be able to play online games, surf the web and connect to the 3DS eShop for free at over 7000 high street locations, including branches of McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Toby Carvery.

You'll also be able to connect at venues such as The O2, Twickenham, Bluewater and throughout London in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea.

Your 3DS will automatically connect when near a usable Wi-Fi hotspot using Nintendo Zone, the company's nifty service that went live in a system update last year.

Nintendo also previously announced free 3DS web access at 5000 hotels, Burger King and KFC restaurants, and most major UK airports.