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Freddy Krueger DLC for Mortal Kombat

Horror icon joins the fray next month.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nightmare on Elm Street boogeyman Freddy Krueger makes an unexpected cameo in Mortal Kombat from 9th August, Warner Bros Interactive has announced.

You'll be able to play as the horror icon for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace or £3.19 on PlayStation Network.

IGN has the announcement trailer, showing Krueger slicing his opponents to ribbons with those infamous fingerknives, tossing them into a raging furnace and dragging them down to hell.

Krueger isn't the first non-cannon figure to put in a guest appearance in the excellent NetherRealm-developed fighter. God of War protagonist Kratos showed up in the PlayStation 3 version at launch.

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