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Four new SEGA VC games

Mega retro drive for the publisher.

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SEGA has plunged a retro hand into its Mega Drive pockets and announced that four more Virtual Console titles will be available for download in the near future.

First to be pulled from the cotton confines of its trousers is Vectorman, which puts you in the shoes of an orbot (something like a robot) that has an upgradable ball-gun hand, and can also transform into different things. The original had 16 levels to play, and was rather difficult, enough to whip anyone into a frenzy of rage.

Next out of the depths is Sword of Vermillion, a short and sweet RPG that's been included in various SEGA collections on both PS2 and PS1. It's a familiar yarn of saving the world from evil, in which you'll utilise the outrageous power of the Sword of Vermillion to win the day.

Sonic Spinball makes up number three, a pinball game featuring the spiky garden-dweller in which you can control the ball itself.

Beyond Oasis brings up the rear, an action adventure title released towards the end of the Mega Drive's lifespan. You take control of Prince Ali and his magical armlet that can summon spirits as you battle evil, and save the world, again.

Unfortunately SEGA was unavailable for comment on when we could expect these titles in Europe, sometime in the "near future" is all we know at the moment. Don't forget that all Mega Drive games will cost you 800 points to download.

Meanwhile you should fire up your Wii and download today's offering, Ocarina of Time. It's an outstanding entry in an excellent Zelda series. Miss it at your peril, fiends.

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