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Ocarina of Time hits PAL VC

Along with Kid Icarus.

N64 Zelda title Ocarina of Time has appeared on the Wii's European Virtual Console service, along with Kid Icarus for the NES.

As with other N64 title, Ocarina goes for 1000 Wii points, while Kid Icarus will cost you another 500 if you want to "Pit" your skills against it. Guffaw.

The addition of Ocarina of Time is particularly exciting because it's one that not even the Yanks have had, meaning we can laugh at them for a good 25 minutes before an equivalent release hits their service.

Originally released in 1998, it's often described as the best game in the famous Nintendo series, and was Link's first foray into 3D. The follow-up N64 title, Majora's Mask, struggled to repeat the feat despite its popularity.

So anyway, go kick it off downloading if you've never enjoyed the experience, and while you're waiting why not thumb through our History of Zelda feature? You can find part one and two by stepping through the magic writing.

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