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Fortnite's latest update introduces generous llama piñatas, remote detonation devices, and more

Rapid-fire, limited-time Blitz mode due next week.

Fortnite's 3.3 update is here, and while those tantalisingly teased jetpacks might still be missing in action, it brings the usual mix of intriguing new features, elaborate cosmetics, alongside numerous fixes and improvements.

Top of the list in 3.3 is the new Remote Explosive for Battle Royale mode. As you can probably deduce from its name, the rare Remote Explosive enables you to slap a block of C4 on an enemy base (or indeed, anywhere else you fancy) then run off giggling over the hills as you detonate it from a comfortably safe distance.

Where Epic giveth, however, the developer also taketh away. As of update 3.3, Smoke Grenades are no longer available in Battle Royale mode. In a recent development video, Epic explained that players simply weren't using Smoke Grenades as much as had been hoped, and so were being removed and "put in the vault" for the time being.

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If you're after something a little less destructive than Remote Grenades, there's always the eye-catching new Supply Llama for Battle Royale mode. This lovable purple piñata is part loot chest and part supply drop, and can be founding randomly chilling out in the wild.

It's an extremely rare spawn, with only three available per game. Breaking one open results in a delightful cloud of confetti, along with 500 wood, stone, and metal, ten stacks of each ammo type, and three traps and consumables - all of which should come in handy during your gleeful bouts of island slaughter.

Elsewhere, update 3.3 introduces the new Luck of the Storm quest line to Save the World mode, which is part of the game's ongoing "Spring it on" event.

Rewards for completing the new quest include an Epic Leprechaun Survivor, as well as your pick of one of three St. Patrick's Day themed Legendary Heroes: Luck Demolisher Wildcat, Highland Warrior Wildcat, or Battle Hound Jonesy.

Update 3.3 also introduces Fortnite's recently announced Xbox One cross-play functionality, enabling Xbox owners to go sight-to-sight with PC, Mac, iOS and, eventually, Android players - although you can opt out if you'd rather keep it console-only.

Last but not least, Fortnite's 3.3 update lays the groundwork for the new, limited-time Blitz event, which is due to launch on March 19th. Blitz mode matches will last 15 minutes, and start with the storm circle already closing in over the island. Loot availability has been increased across the board, harvesting resources are doubled, and the core game has been tweaked in a variety of ways to create "faster, more intense matches".

For the full low-down on Blitz mode changes, as well as a complete list of updates and additions in Fortnite 3.3, take a look at Epic's official patch notes.

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