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Former Halo director Joseph Staten has now left Microsoft entirely

"I thank my Xbox colleagues for all their understanding and support as I embark on a new adventure."

Former Halo director, Joseph Staten, has left Microsoft.

Veteran of Halo development at both Bungie and 343 Industries, Staten left Microsoft's blockbuster space shooter franchise in January 2023, but it was reported at the time that he would remain at Microsoft.

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Now, however, it seems Staten is leaving his position as creative director at Microsoft entirely.

In a tactiurn statement posted to his Twitter account, Staten said: "Hey folks, I am indeed leaving Microsoft. I'll have more info to share soon, but for now, I'd just like to thank all my Xbox colleagues for all their understanding and support as I embark on a new adventure".

Staten stopped short of revealing why he was leaving the company, nor expanded on his next steps.

Staten's departure from Microsoft follows a string of high-profile exits from 343 Industries - including Halo Infinite's multiplayer creative director Tom French - and Microsoft's enormous round of layoffs that impacted several Xbox studios, including 343's Halo Infinite campaign team.

Other recent departures include David Berger, who served as lead developer on Infinite's ambitious Slipspace Engine technology, and 343's boss Bonnie Ross, who announced her own exit from the company after 15 years.

Microsoft also cut "at least 95 people" from Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries. The list of those now left without a job includes "dozens of veterans, including top directors and contractors, upon which the studio heavily relies". Temporary staff members were also affected, with their contracts reportedly terminated with "just a few days" of warning.

343 Industries then issued a brief statement in a bid to quell concerns about Microsoft's flagship franchise, Halo, stating that Halo and Master Chief were "here to stay" and that the 343i team would "continue to develop Halo now and in the future".

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