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Flight Simulator's latest update out now, gives France and Benelux the makeover treatment

Adds 100 hand-crafted landmarks and more.

Developer Asobo has its spruce-up shoes on once again, and has now released its latest Flight Simulator World Update, this time giving France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg the gorgeous makeover treatment.

World Update 4, as it's officially known, continues the spectacular work of previous World Updates - which have embellished and enhanced areas of Japan, the United Kingdom, and North America - introducing high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for Paris and Amsterdam, alongside new airports, landmarks, and more.

Megève, Nice, and Rotterdam The Hague airports are now present in all their hand-crafted glory, and Flight Simulator's latest update also brings visual and logistical improvements to 100 additional airports across France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France World Update Trailer.Watch on YouTube

As for new landmarks and points of interest, Asobo has introduced over 100 throughout the region, including the Eiffel Tower, Fort Boyard, the Arc de Triomphe, Mont Blanc, Kinderdijk's striking windmills, Bruges' Church of Our Lady, The Palace of Justice of Brussels, Luxembourg's Vianden Castle, and many, many more. You can admire a whole bunch of these new additions in Flight Simulator's typically gorgeous World Update 4 trailer above.

Flight Simulator players wishing to access the update - which also includes a new landing challenge at La Salette and an "awe-inducing" new Bush Trip over the Pyrenees and the Alps - will first need to ensure their game is up-to-date then download the free FRBENELUX bundle from the in-game marketplace.

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