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Five new Mass Effect 3 gameplay trailers

Story, customisation, enemies, action, co-op.

BioWare has blasted out five fresh Mass Effect 3 videos, showing off the game's story choices and in-game customisation, enemies, action sections and its co-op multiplayer offering.

First up, a look at how Shepard shapes the story of Mass Effect 3 through good and evil (Paragon and Renegade) dialogue options - and how the consequences of these play out.

Next, a glance at the game's multiplayer and the races you can play. Choose a sniper-loving Turian like good old shipmate Garrus, or paint yourself blue to join Liara T'Soni's biotic bunch, the Asari.

The third video details new moves and combat mechanics abilities in Mass Effect 3, like dodging and tackling enemies with held shields.

Mass Effect 3's deeper suit and weapon customisation is shown off in trailer number four - which also features that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning bonus armour.

Last, a gallery of baddies found in Mass Effect 3 - Husk, Geth and maybe one or two we've not seen before.

Spoilers abound, obviously.

Player choices.
Co-op play.
Action sequences.

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