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Fitness Hero, Workout Hero trademarked

By voice-activated exercise company.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Voice-activated exercise specialist VPT Technologies has been spotted trademarking the names Fitness Hero and Workout Hero.

Siliconera laid eyes on the patent, which mentions "a web-based videogame system to connect all users in a safe and secure global network".

Phrases like "align the various markets" and "synergistic" are thrown in almost for fun.

Activision has had immense success with Guitar Hero, which has lead to spin-offs of Hero-related rhythm titles. DJ Hero arrives on its wave of marketing-powered excitement this autumn.

Gearbox appears to want a piece of the Hero pie as well, having recently trademarked a quartet of familiar sounding names: War Hero, World War II Hero, Modern War Hero and Brothers In Arms War Hero.

Whether any of these will materialise is unknown.

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