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First Guild Wars 2 world championship has $50,000 prize pool

Also: Play it without buying it this week.

It's not a $5m jackpot but Guild Wars 2 steps up to the eSports plate this December with its first worldwide tournament and a prize pool of $50,000.

And I'm like...

It's to be held in China on 4th-5th December, and the first ever Guild Wars 2 world champions will be crowned.

There's some qualifying to do first - before ArenaNet and NCsoft fly you to China for the final. The winners of the Tournament of Glory (scheduled for October 11th-12th) will be invited to the World Tournament Series Invitational (October 25th-26th), and the winners of that - the best teams in Europe and North America - will go to China.

ArenaNet will be at EGX London this week showcasing - via Twitch livestreams - Guild Wars 2. You can also play the MMO free for the rest of the week - usually you have to buy the game first. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, 25th September

  • 1pm BST: What is Player vs. Player?
  • 4pm BST: What is Guild Wars 2?

Friday, 26th September

  • 1pm BST: Points of Interest
  • 4pm BST: What is World vs. World?

Saturday, 27th September

  • 1pm BST: What is Living World?
  • 4pm BST: Tequatl Boss Fight

Sunday, 28th September

  • 2pm BST: PvP Exhibition Match