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First Dead Space 3 details - report

Sequel to dump Isaac on a frozen planet.

Dead Space 3 sees series hero Isaac Clarke stranded on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis after his ship crashes, according to alleged insider info procured by Siliconera.

Believing he is the only one to come out of the accident alive, he finds his way to an abandoned waystation where he meets another survivor who tells him that a few others made it - including Ellie from the first game - and have set off in search of a facility.

Duly, they apparently all rendez-vous, with new character Jennifer then concentrating on reverse engineering mysterious tech by a group called Rosetta.

There's also mention of the trio climbing a mountain pursued by an unseen foe, while the game's enemies are reportedly referred to as "the hive mind."

EA isn't commenting on its veracity, but the leak comes from the same source that correctly called a Syndicate scoop recently.

It's not the first we've heard of Dead Space 3 either - last week an Israeli TV crew caught site of a logo and concept art while filming inside EA's Redwood office.

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