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Final Fantasy X HD re-emerges for Vita

Square Enix shows off new footage to Tidus you over.

Square Enix's remake of Final Fantasy X has re-emerged after over a year in the shadows, making an appearance at a Japan-centric Vita Heaven event that ran through forthcoming releases for the struggling handheld.

First announced at TGS in 2011, there's been nothing shown on Final Fantasy X HD since its reveal. Although there was no word on a release date as the game broke cover today, there was the briefest glimpse of it in action as a number of character models were shown off. Famitsu was quick-fingered enough to grab a handful of screens of FFX HD in action.

Elsewhere, the event was packed with an assortment of Monster Hunter clones already announced for the machine, and ones that have little chance of making it outside of Japan. Perhaps of most interest was Dragon's Crown, the sublime looking side-scrolling RPG being developed by Vanillaware that follows in the footsteps of Saturn favourite Princess Crown as well as the developer's own Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

The biggest news, however, was the price-cut for the PlayStation Vita that's to take hold at the end of the month. Will we be receiving similar news come the PlayStation meeting in New York this Wednesday?

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