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Sony announces PlayStation Vita price-drop in Japan

UPDATE: "Nothing to announce" about a UK price cut.

UPDATE: Sony told Eurogamer this morning it had no news on a UK price cut.

"The price cut announced today is for the SCE Japan region only," a spokesperson said. "We have nothing to announce at this time regarding pricing within the our own region."

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony Japan has announced a price cut for both models of its struggling PlayStation Vita handheld.

Vita will now cost just 19,980 yen (about £139), down from 24,980 for the Wifi-only model.

The price applies to both Wifi-only model and more expensive 3G version.

Sony Japan boss Hiroshi Kawano made the announcement during a still-ongoing live-stream focused on the handheld. All Japanese Vita owners will get a free week of PlayStation Plus, with access to games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss. A new "Ice Silver" Vita flavour is also on the way.

Vita sales were regularly around the 15,000 per week mark in Japan and sometimes under 10,000. Nintendo 3DS, by comparison, has been regularly selling around 70,000.

The Vita is still more expensive than Nintendo's 3DS XL (18,900 Yen), but now only marginally so.

Eurogamer has contacted Sony regarding a European version of the price cut.