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Final Fantasy 8 on PC gets new and improved cheats

Battle Assistance! 9999! Magic and Gil max!

Square Enix has added new and improved cheats to the PC version of Final Fantasy 8.

The Japanese role-playing game launched on Square Enix's store, Steam and other digital platforms in December 2013, and now it's been updated with more powerful game boosters.

Game boosters include High Speed mode, which lets you speed up cutscenes, movies and battles by up to five times the regular speed.

Battle Assistance grants you an always full ATB gauge, always full HP and always available Limit Breaks.

9999 means your normal attacks, certain Limit Breaks and some Guardian Force attacks will always deal the maximum 9999 points of damage.

AP Max allows your Guardian Force to max out their ability points when you're on the world map, helping with the No-Level challenge.

And Magic and Gil max gives you 100 of each acquired magic spell and the maximum limit of Gil.

"Final Fantasy 8 is a great classic with or without gameboosters," Toby Palm wrote on the Square Enix blog.

"If, however, you've been holding off pulling the gunblade trigger on this one because you're concerned about the investment of 100+ hours of gameplay, these game boosters will be sure to help you speed things up."