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FF8 Remastered seeing physical release on PS4

While the Switch FF7, FF8 twin pack gets expanded release.

Square Enix has surprised Final Fantasy fans with physical releases of several PS1 remasters.

The headliner is last year's Final Fantasy 8 Remaster, which comes in some rather fetching cover art. Even as someone who isn't one for physical releases, I might succumb to picking this up:

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch owners can grab Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 remasters in a twin pack, previously only available in Asia. Both editions have only been confirmed for a PAL regions - that's Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand - with no word on a North America release.

Both this and FF8 Remastered PS4's physical edition are available on December 8th from the Square Enix Store.

As for why Square Enix highlighted Final Fantasy 8 in particular on PS4 is unknown, though it's likely to not confuse those looking to pick up the full FF7 Remake. It's a shame to not see FF9 bundled in on Switch, either - it would have been great to see three of Square's best games together in one package.

If you're not up to speed on Square Enix's Final Fantasy PS1 era remasters, each version features some visual improvements - such as higher resolution character models - as well the several gameplay enhancements, including a 3x Speed Boost and no encounter modes.

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Final Fantasy 8 completed the set of remasters for a golden era in the series - with the likes of 7, 9, 10 and 12 coming to modern consoles and PC in recent years.

If you want to know what you've been missing with FF8 in particular - besides the greatest distraction to grace any RPG before or since, card game Triple Triad - Malindy Hetfeld's piece from last year can help explain what made it stand out.

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