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Final Fantasy 8 Remastered gets a release date

Let me take a Selphie.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered comes out 3rd September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, Square Enix has announced.

Revealed during E3 earlier this year, the return of Final Fantasy 8 provides some visual improvements over the original - including higher resolution character models, as recently demonstrated with a remastered take on a fan favourite meme - as well the several gameplay enhancements.

This includes the battle assist, 3x Speed Boost and no encounter modes as seen in other recent Final Fantasy remasters, as well as others exclusive to the Steam version - such as the ability to max out your Gil, magic, items, abilities and unlock all limit breaks - perfect if you want to circumvent the grind.

Cover image for YouTube videoFinal Fantasy VIII Remastered - Release Date Reveal Trailer

Final Fantasy 8 completes the set of remasters for a golden era in the series - with the likes of 7, 9, 10 and 12 coming to modern consoles and PC in recent years.

If you want to know what you've been missing - besides the greatest distraction to grace any RPG before or since, card game Triple Triad - Malindy Hetfeld's piece from earlier this year can help explain what made it stand out.