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Final Fantasy 7 Remake's new quest system shown off

Also, a creepy Chocobo Chick summon if you pre-order.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake includes a new quest system where you kill rats and find lost cats in exchange for rewards.

New screenshots from the game released today by publisher Square Enix and published by the PlayStation blog have shown off how it all looks.

Mercenary Quests can be picked up from people across Midgar and tracked via a new Quests menu. These will task you with helping merchants or townspeople with their problems, and can reward gil. Another type of mission, Battle Report quests, can be acquired from Shinra researcher Chadley. These will ask you to assess enemies and defeat them in differing ways in return for Materia.

Today's images also show the summons you'll recieve for pre-ordering various versions of the game. Pre-order any version and you'll get the creepy Chocobo Chick, pre-order the Deluxe/Digital Deluxe/1st Class Editions and you'll get the Cactuar, or pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition from the PlayStation Store and you'll get the feline Carbuncle.

Absolute nightmare fuel.

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