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Fez dev Polytron partnering to release indie title Panoramical

"One word we're trying real hard to avoid is 'publishing'."

Fez developer Polytron will next focus its efforts on the release of colourful indie game Panoramical.

Writing in a new blog post, Polytron founder Phil Fish explained that the move was part of a fresh chapter for the company, named Polytron Partners.

"Polytron has spent the last two years getting its affairs in order," he explained. "Wrapping up Fez and its six subsequent ports kept us busy for a while.

"Now that that's done, and that we've had time to recharge, I'm super excited to finally close our first chapter and move on to the next one."

Fish will support Panoramical by offering "production and promotion" - he will make sure people hear about the game, while Polytron's producer Marie-Christine Bourdua will "organise the game's final stretch of development". Finji, another indie company, will help with day to day operations and payment logistics.

But don't call it publishing! It's definitely not that, Fish concluded.

"One word we're trying real hard to avoid is 'publishing'. Because what does that even mean in 2014, really? Even saying it out loud feels wrong. 'We're publishers! Look at us! Publishing!' Naw. It's a partnership."

Today's announcement comes almost a year after Fish cancelled his plans to make a Fez sequel and announced he would be "getting out of games".

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