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Fallout 76 level map zones explained

Where to go - and not to go - on Fallout 76's map when you are a low level.

The Fallout 76 map is one of the largest in series history - which comes in handy for an expansive online-only game.

As useful as mission waypoints are, learning the general layout of the map helps to know where not to tread lightly, since it's split into level zones.

Fallout 76 map image

Here's a look at the Fallout 76 map. You can view a zoomed in version as soon as you start the game, and pan around the many attractions that might take your fancy, but it you want to see it at a glance, here's a way to do it:

Credit: Zapwizard from reddit

Thanks to Zapwizard from reddit for putting this together.

If you want a much higher resolution version to look at, reddit also has you covered.

Need more help? If you are following the main storyline, then you'll come across the Type-T Fuse location and Fire Breathers exam answers quests. If you're after online activities, there is Fallout 76 Workshops and base building and how to unlock PvP. If you're after higher-level goals, then we recommend observing the level zones map, unlocking Atom Challenges, plus how to join the Enclave and launching nukes with launch codes.

Fallout 76 level zones map

Something that might not be immediately obvious is that the map is split into level zones. This means the enemies you find in specific regions can vary quite dramatically.

They are as follows:

  • The Forest - Levels 1 to 10
  • Toxic Valley - Levels 10 to 25
  • Savage Divide - Levels 15 to 99
  • Ash Heap - Levels 25 to 35
  • The Mire - Levels 30 to 99
  • Cranberry Bog - Levels 35 to 99
Credit: TheRealBoylston from reddit

Thanks to TheRealBoylston for supplying the above.

This is worth noting since a set range of enemies (and levels) can spawn at random throughout these regions. One example is at Workshop locations, which assigns one set of enemies from a pool according to the area it's set in. So if you're in the Forest, you shouldn't face anything higher than Level 10 - whereas other places could be much higher.

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