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Fallout 3 special edition only for US

No Euro announcement "yet".

Bethesda has said the Survival Edition of Fallout 3 recently unveiled on Amazon will only be offered to US shoppers.

However, speaking to Eurogamer, a representative for the developer did say there was no European announcement to make "yet" - suggesting perhaps there are plans in the pipeline.

Amazon showed off the Survival Edition last week. Inside is a replica Pip-Boy 3000 wrist-mounted clock, a metal Vault-Tec lunch box, a Vault Boy Bobblehead toy, hardback art book and a Making of Fallout 3 DVD.

The PS3 and 360 versions will cost USD 79.99, while the PC offering is priced at USD 69.99.

Amazon also suggests the post-apocalyptic role-playing game will be out on 7th October. According to Bethesda the official date has yet to be locked down, but it should be around that time.

Fallout 3 is shaping up to be one of the most impressive releases of the year. Pop over to our Fallout 3 gamepage to find out why.

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