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Fable 2 Pub Games exploited

Hit button, win ten times as much.

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It just keeps going wrong for poor old Fable 2 Pub Games, which we gave 3/10. Now it turns out that you can bet 600 gold coins for the price of 60, massively improving your odds in one of the card games.

The Fortune's Tower card game involves laying down a few gold coins and hoping the random drop of card combinations will multiply your investment. You will then be able to merge the winnings with your Fable 2 character to gain an advantage in Lionhead's upcoming Xbox 360 RPG, due out on 24th October.

And what handsome winnings they will be if you follow one wily YouTuber's example (thanks Joystiq) and press LB just as you hit A to place a bet. Doing so quickly sets the amount wagered to maximum, and the game pays out accordingly - but only takes the amount you had specified before you hit LB, which can be as little as 15 coins.

In other words, any winnings will be ten times what you expected, and any losses will be virtually insignificant by comparison. And we've confirmed it works on the copy we have at the office.

Presumably this will be patched out, but there's nothing to suggest you will be parted with your winnings when it is, so if you've forked out the ludicrous 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) asking price, get in there.

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