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Exclusive Crysis Zero-G footage

Now showing on EGTV.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If our recent helpings of exclusive direct-feed gameplay footage from Crytek's mouthwatering new FPS (see here, here, and here ) have left you salivating for more, today we bring you the first taster of zero-gravity gameplay in the PC sci-fi stunner.

Spoiler-haters look away now: this level comes midway through your adventure. As well as offering a radical change of pace - you've stumbled inside a spooky, 'apparently deserted' (aren't they all?), alien vessel and this section is what the developer is calling "ambient storytelling" - it also offers complete 360-degree freedom of movement.

We'll hold the details there and leave the rest to you. Check out the zero-g footage right now onEurogamer TV, and don't forget to head over to the Crysis gamepage for all of our in-depth coverage.

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