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Evidence mounts for Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 4 release

PS4 Trophies list leak follows earlier retail listings.

The Trophy list for a PlayStation 4 version of Beyond: Two Souls has appeared online - the latest sign that a re-release of the game is on the cards.

Beyond's new set of Trophies are available to view on serial leak site Exophase. Unsurprisingly, the awards listed are identical to the ones found in the game's PlayStation 3 original.

This latest leak comes after two German retailers posted now-removed listings for a PS4 version of Beyond back in July.

Before that, a programmer at developer Quantic Dream posted images which showed him working on a new set of Beyond controls for use with the PS4's DualShock 4 pad. Once spotted by NeoGAF, the images were removed.

Beyond was released just a month before the launch of PlayStation 4 and only four months after The Last of Us, a fellow 2013 PS3 title that has since seen a successful PS4 relaunch.

Fellow Sony-published PS3 games FlOw, Flower, Journey and The Unfinished Swan have also been given PS4 versions, as well as Vita titles Tearaway and Escape Plan.

We've dropped Sony a line in case it has anything else to share.

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