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Quantic Dream addresses Beyond PS4 skin tone changes

David Cage speaks, plus exclusive assets from the game's files.

Yesterday, Eurogamer published images comparing the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Beyond: Two Souls, pointing out that the skin tone for the game's background Saudi characters appeared lighter in the newer version.

The issue initially came to light on Twitter, where assets captured by Digital Foundry were being discussed.

Now, Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream has exclusively provided Eurogamer with assets from Beyond's game files, along with a detailed explanation for why the PS4 edition of the game is different.

Below are images showing how the character models differ between the game's two versions.

Quantic Dream boss David Cage has also responded personally, and discussed the changes in character models in full.

In each case, a character model from the PS3 version can be seen to have been updated for Beyond on PS4.

The Embassy guards. PS3 original top, PS4 version below.
The Embassy guards. PS3 original top, PS4 version below.
The Embassy guests. PS3 original top, PS4 version below.

Cage's statement addresses claims made on social media that the game's characters had been deliberately altered with the intention of making them appear lighter-skinned.

The Quantic Dream director also details the processes affecting the PS4 version - such as updated lighting, a new skin shader, and why the character models seen above have been updated.

Finally, Cage also points to Quantic Dream's previous emphasis on promoting characters from different cultural backgrounds.

Here's the text in full:

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