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EverQuest film takes shape

Sony signs Hollywood talent.

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Sony has signed two top Hollywood names to help bring about its long-standing dreams of an EverQuest film.

The first is the writer of gory old action film 300, Michael Gordon. Former Marvel Studios bigwig Avi Avrad will be producing the project for Columbia Pictures.

That's all according to IGN, which heard from a reliable source that the film should see the light of day in late 2009 or early 2010.

Plot details are scarce, although apparently it will be based around an original story containing familiar faces from the EverQuest world.

EverQuest first appeared in 1999 and was considered to be the first 3D massively-multiplayer online role-playing game around.

Action takes place in the mythical world of Norrath, a realm inhabited by fantasy beasties like ogres, elves, humans and various hybrids.

It was followed in 2004 by sequel EverQuest II, which featured voice overs from famous people like Christopher Lee and Heather Graham.

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