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European God of War Collection dated

Blu-ray remasters coming end of April.

The God of War Collection has finally been dated for Europe.

UK, Ireland, Germany and Austria get the game on 30th April; Australia and New Zealand get the game on 29th April; and the remaining PAL territories get the game on 28th April.

The God of War Collection contains the Blu-ray remastered versions of God of War I and God of War II. It's brilliant, as our 9/10 review pointed out.

Die-hard fans will have imported from the US already, but Sony's European timing no doubt allows space for God of War III to flex, grimace and impress before fans go in search of their next third-person hack-and-slash fix.

God of War III was released last Friday and impressed critically and commercially - topping the UK All-Formats chart after its first weekend on sale.

Our God of War III review tells all.