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Europe may not see Fallujah game

Konami undecided, say reports.

German and Dutch journalists invited to last week's Konami event in Germany have reported that the publisher is undecided about bringing Six Days in Fallujah to Europe.

According to and De Telegraaf (thanks Joystiq), representatives for the company said that the way developer Atomic Games presents the action would be a significant factor in its decision.

Six Days in Fallujah has inevitably attracted controversy since its announcement last week, with some groups calling for a ban while others argued the opposite.

Interestingly, given Konami Europe's apparent caution, Andy McNab highlighted the cultural differences between the US and the UK when he spoke to TechRadar last week.

"In America a 90-year-old and a 12-year-old will know what happened at Fallujah. It's on the TV, there are books about it. The game is a natural extension to that; it is folklore. The only difference being that it is presented in a different medium," he said.

Konami has said the third-person shooter will be released for PS3, 360 and PC next year, and that it worked with "over three dozen US Marines to help develop the game along with unprecedented access to battle plans, after-action reports, photos, videos and satellite maps".

We've contacted Konami for comment.