Six Days in Fallujah

Creative Tension

Are publishers impeding the creativity of the medium?

"It was probably all a terrible mistake..."

PC/XBLA shooter Breach release date

PC/XBLA shooter Breach release date

By Six Days in Fallujah dev Atomic.

Breach, the downloadable multiplayer shooter by Six Days in Fallujah dev Atomic Games, will release on 26th January on PC and Xbox Live Arcade.

It'll cost 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 or Ł15 on PC.

Beach is "the first military shooter to use precise and massive destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat", apparently.

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Dev hopes to finish Six Days in Fallujah

But won't change location to "Bullcrapistan".

The studio behind controversial FPS Six Days in Fallujah still holds out hope that a finished version of the game will eventually see the light of day.

Fallujah dev unveils Breach

Fallujah dev unveils Breach

Multiplayer shooter for PC, consoles.

Atomic Games, creator of Six Days in Fallujah, has announced a new multiplayer shooter called Breach.

The game's in development for PC and consoles, and appears to revolve around CIA special operatives. So far that's all we know. No publisher has been linked to the game.

"So you've managed to decode this section to reveal the classified information. Come on! Did you really think it was going to be that easy? Yes, we do work for military and intelligence organisations. Yes, we are creating a game that will blow your mind. Yes, some of it was actually redacted. Yes, many of us have security clearances. So what that all means is I can't tell you anything more than is in this release until it's okay. Until then, we are high-speed, low-drag and ready to work. Molon Labe," waffled the press release.

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Fallujah game may reappear yet

There's "a lot of interest", claims dev.

Atomic Games boss Peter Tamte believes controversial Iraq War shooter Six Days in Fallujah can still net a publisher, despite Konami ditching the project amid media backlash - just weeks after an April reveal.

Europe may not see Fallujah game

Konami undecided, say reports.

German and Dutch journalists invited to last week's Konami event in Germany have reported that the publisher is undecided about bringing Six Days in Fallujah to Europe.

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Konami's Fallujah game under fire

"Sick", "crass", "flippant"... fun?

Soldiers, fathers and peace groups have spoken out about Konami's controversial Six Days in Fallujah videogame, which retells a key battle of the 2004 Iraq conflict through the eyes of US marines.