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Eurogamer readers spank Valve at L4D

Developer beaten at its own game.

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Last night a quartet of hardened Eurogamer readers soundly beat Valve at its own game, Left 4 Dead.

Yossarian, Psychokitten, MattyB2007 and Gl3n (who's shot me before, the madman) beat the Chet Faliszek-lead Valve gang by 2534 points to 1197.

"I am not sure what they are telling you, but we totally won... Yeah, that's it, totally won," reeled Faliszek.

"They beat us in the first map because of some poor Hunter handling and we never recovered. Past that it was a pretty close and balanced game, which always makes for a fun time."

Gl3n, Eurogamer pin-up, added: "I was just saying yesterday how the game didn't feel scary or at all like survival-horror anymore. But it was safe to say that I was completely bricking it on the first map there!

"Really excellent game," he said. "It was close and both teams were 'über tight'. I guess our lot just had the luck."

Round scores were as follows:

  • Death Toll 1: Valve 91 - 900 Eurogamer
  • Death Toll 2: Valve 714 - 1321 Eurogamer
  • Death Toll 3: Valve 91 - 82 Eurogamer
  • Death Toll 4: Valve 33 - 33 Eurogamer
  • Death Toll 5: Valve 196 - 198 Eurogamer

Well done, boys, you've done us proud.

Incidentally, all this Left 4 Dead commotion coincides with the release of the free Survival Pack DLC on Xbox 360 and PC.

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