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Eurogamer competition winners

We name and shame you.

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In an effort to outline that we are a real company with real morals, and that we do actually give away prizes rather than snaffle them for ourselves, we've cobbled together the winners of some of our recent and biggest competitions for your discerning eyes.

This week's big winner is Martin Linklater from Wallasey, Wirral. He'll be getting a PlayStation 3 from on 23rd March, complete with Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm, Genji and an HDMI cable. Needless to say, he's 'proper chuffed'.

"You must be kidding. I can't believe it. I am totally gobsmacked," he beamed. "My wife reckons I better get playing it pretty quick because we're due to have our first child in five weeks and then I'm banned, apparently..."

So, congratulations.

The same is in order for Neil Draper from Kent, who bagged himself an Xbox 360 and Lost Planet, along with a themed faceplate, T-shirt, and limited edition figurine.

Victoria Harbourne's also been doing the winning, this time from Shewsbury. She's gobbled up a Pioneer sound system for the Xbox 360, which boasts a hefty sub, four satellites, a broader central speaker, a separate display and a chunky remote control that all match the stylings of the Microsoft console.

Well done everyone. Good show. Top performance, that sort of thing. Of course, you all still have a chance to win some bits and bobs, especially if you consider yourself to be a hardcore PC gamer. That's right, we've teamed up recently with Philips to offer you some very swanky amBX kit for your desktop, worth around US$ 399. Head over to our competition to give yourself a chance at the big time.

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