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EGTV: Exclusive Gears videos

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We love Gears of War like a child. A child with a face like a horse covered in the blood of underground aliens who look like extras from Dusk Till Dawn. Which is why we thought we'd capture some footage from the brand new PC version and let you gawp at it on Eurogamer TV.

First up on the English language crumpets afternoon tea wot wot version of Eurogamer TV is a tightly woven tale of stomping around the new bits towards the end of the game doing chainsaw bayonet murder, with lots of footage from sections Xbox 360 fans will recognise thrown in to give PC gamers something else to admire.

You'll see whichever handsome man it was who was playing hiding behind things, active-reloading, rolling down stairs, and saying things with a voice that loves tobacco like a child. A child covered in ash. So that's on Eurogamer TV now.

Meanwhile, our pals on Eurogamer France also have a video showing off more content from the new sections introduced to the PC version to bridge the gap between Acts 4 and 5, as well as a shootout in a petrol station where I demonstrate how easy it is to miss people with the Longshot sniper rifle even if you're sure you had them in your sights.

Check out our Gears of War PC review for more on the game, which is due out in Europe on 9th November.

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Gears of War

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